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Change You Say?!

I've been doing nothing but changing!

The last several years have been insane...I graduated college at 32, sold my house, quit my jobs, moved back home to start a career, met a man, got married, moved to his town, found a house, moved again, found a new job, left all my friends....

I'm 35. And I've made a bunch of mistakes in life. (And I mean a lot of mistakes.) I always had to do things the hard way or my way, but I'm finally becoming the person I want to be, I just have some more construction to undergo. The hardest lesson to learn was that I wasn't in charge, God is and was, and I had to turn myself over to Him for things to start looking up.

I just got married in February! And amazingly, it is for the first time. I think that marriage is sacred and that even though the world around us doesn't seem to think so, I think marriage is for life. I waited to get married until God placed me with the man he had in store for me. I love my husband dearly and I think that God had everything to do with choosing him for me.
This is my wonderful husband Joe and I in one of our engagement photos. Strangely and oddly enough, I met him on eHarmony. Crazy? Right? I thought so. At first. It doesn't seem so strange any more.

The fun part is blending our families! Boy, what a challenge! My husband was previously married and has 2 boys, 16 and 9, Tyler and Joseph. And I have a daughter, Daysia, 11. And some days are wonderful and pure bliss and joy. Then there are days that I swear I've been transported to the Twilight Zone. But we're going to make it, faith and prayer are powerful tools.

This is my new wonderful family minus Tyler. He's a teenager and still a work in progress. But prayer and perseverance are powerful weapons. I have faith we'll need a new family photo one day soon.

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