Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Persistence and Patience

Stepped on the scale Sunday, scared to death to see the damage I had done with my "no holds barred" eating. Excitingly enough, I had only gained back the 3 lbs I had just lost the week before. Whew! I can do that again, no problem!

Got on the scale this morning...already back down 2 lbs. Only 1 more to get back my pre-Thanksgiving weight! WOOHOO! Holla!

Now back to losing the other 83 pounds I want to lose. But...everything in moderation. Small goals. My first goal is to lose 20 lbs. And I'm already down 2. Then to get back under 200. I could actually wear some of the clothes in my closet I've been desperately hanging onto if I can do that! It would be like having a whole new wardrobe!

I've been thinking a whole lot about persistence and patience lately.

 * I was born with persistence, it's a natural God-given ability of mine. If I set my mind on doing something, you'd have to kill me to make me stop. Serious talk. No joke. So why can I not apply that persistence to losing weight? Love of food? Laziness? I have seriously got to figure this out so I can get in the right mindset.

 * Patience on the other hand, has alluded me my whole entire life. And it may have something to do with me giving up so easily. I have no patience. Whatsoever. At all. Patience, oh Patience, where are you?

So I've decided that it is high time I kicked myself into gear.

I will not let FOOD beat me!

I will not let LAZINESS control my life!

I will one day look into the mirror and find myself looking back at me again!

So Operation Changing Connie is a GO! We are back on a mission.

Today - working on getting back in the habit of drinking my water and counting calories. And hopefully find some time to throw some exercise in there.

Happy Losing!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

And the Leibster Award goes to.....

I got nominated for an award today! Woohoo!!!

I want to thank the one who nominated me: Samantha Griffin 

Apparently there are rules:
1) If you were nominated, post 11 things about yourselves.
2) Then answer the 11 questions the person who nominated you created.
3) Create 11 more question to ask the bloggers you decided to nominate.
4) Choose 11 bloggers to nominate with less than 200 followers.
5) Make sure and let these people know you nominated them! No tag backs, so don't nominate someone who nominated you.

11 Things about Me:
1) I met my husband on eHarmony. Best thing that ever happened to me!
2) I have an obsession with roses. I have 5 tattoos and all have roses in them.
3) I have way too much education - 3 Associates of Applied Technology, 3 Technical Certificates of Credit, and 3 Diplomas - all in computer-related stuff from a technical college. Then I decided to go back and get a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems. Oh....and I have 3 computer certifications : A+, Net +, and Microsoft Excel. (Basically, I'm a certified computer nerd)
4) I love to cross stitch, I just never have time anymore.
5) I was a bartender for almost 15 years. Til I got it together and finished school. Miss the busyness and constantly meeting people, but not the hours.
6) I've been on 2 mission trips. One to the Bahamas and one to Honduras. Best life changing experiences in my life! I recommend that everyone have that experience.
7) I play the Oboe and can piddle on the piano. My daughter took piano lessons from the same lady that taught me and is playing my oboe in band at school. (proud mama here!)
8) I have a ridiculously silly sense of humor.
9) I am allergic to ketchup. Like seriously, life-threatening, drive to the hospital, anaphylactic shock allergic. So I have to get creative with condiments.
10) I love to read. I have a book with me at all times, unfortunately I'm so busy I've been carrying around the same book for about 2 months now.
11) I hate to cook but love to bake. I mean HATE to cook! But I do it anyway because I have a husband and kids and somebody's got to feed them, and Ima guessing that somebody happens to be me most of the time since I get home before my husband and he picks up the kids.

11 questions from the person who nominated me:
1. Are you an early bird or night owl? NIGHT OWL - which sucks because I have to be at work at 7am.

2. Where would you like to travel to? (anywhere in the world and any time period!) Ireland - now (as in right now)
3.  What book as a child did you love the most? Nancy Drew books (the inner child in me likes to play the interactive Nancy Drew computer games.
4. What do you struggle with? (meant to be a broad question) My weight - but I've found an awesome group of ladies at Mama Laughlin's Fit Camp on Facebook and I religiously read her blog: Mama Laughlin.
5. If you had three more days to live, what would be the first thing you did? Gather all my friends and family and share what time I had left with them.
6. Do you talk on the phone or text more? Text
7. What was the address to the first email account you ever made? cmthrift@hotmail.com - still have it, but rarely check it.
8. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? What do you want to be now? I wanted to be a dancer/school teacher/momma. Now I want to be RICH and a world traveler.
9. What are you currently obsessed with? Pinterest
10. Are you: team Edward,  team Jacob, or team I don't care? Team I don't really care.
11. When was the last time you read a great book? What was it? 2 months ago - Karen Kingsbury 
 Forever Faithful Trigology.


 11 questions for the people I nominate:
1) Are you a coffee or tea kinda gal?
2) Have you ever left the continent you were born on?
3) Which fairytale is your favorite and why?
4) Who inspires you?
5) Describe yourself in 3 words.
6) How old were you when you had your "first" kiss?
7) What food do you absolutely refuse to eat?
8) What beauty product can you not live without?
9) What is one thing that you swore you would never do...and did?
10) What is your biggest pet peeve?
11) If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My 11 nominations
(I tried to find people who hadn't been nominated yet, if for some reason I've re-nominated you, my bad!)

Yvonne Feld

Victoria Grenham

Tiffany Nielson

Silvia Harrington

Susan Bergman

Stephanie Collins 

Shawna Dominguez

Savannah Holloman

Sara Phillips

Sandra Ward

Patricia Riley









Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Small victory, more excuses...

I am down 3 lbs! That's a big "YAY ME!"

I'm not anywhere near where I need to be. But I think that this time I have a pretty good excuse, but still...it's an excuse.

I've been fighting a sinus infection (I'm thinking the plague) for two weeks now. I can NOT get rid of this crap. Well...one day last week, I wasn't feeling good, felt really light-headed, felt like my heart was racing, was really shaky feeling. I was struggling, big time. Then that afternoon, my right arm started going numb and I couldn't feel my last 2 fingers at all. A manager overheard me telling my officemate that I wasn't feeling good and that my arm just went numb, and I was promptly escorted into someone's car and on the way to the hospital. CT scan, EKG, and blood work, and still not 100% positive what is wrong with me other than I'm NOT having a heart attack and I did NOT have a stroke. Great!

Turns out the racing heart and shakiness was some Sudafed I took to try and breathe with this confounded sinus infection. And apparently I have a pinched nerve in my neck that is causing the numbness in my arm. So I'm completely off meds right now as a personal decision. My body needs to figure this out and fight it off. And I haven't been able to see my chiropractor yet, so my arm is still going numb periodically. He is booked up with the holiday and I can't get an appt.

Good news: I'm surviving and I'm fine. And even though I may want to stick a fire house up my nose to clean out my sinuses. And I haven't exercised, but I've lost. Because I've been watching what I eat. Little worried about Thursday and being able to NOT to gain all 3 lbs back and then some. We will probably end up having lunch at one place and dinner at another. The food possibilities are endless and SCARY to me. Even if I cave, I just have to remember...everything in moderation.

I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Mama Laughlin on her half marathon this past weekend! She is truly an inspiration. I just read her blog and have tears streaming down my face. She is AMAZING! Such an inspiration. To have an injury and push through like that...incredible. She is part of the reason, I finally started my journey of change. If she can push like that, then so can I.

Here's to all those who are on a journey of their own!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Small Success

I did pretty well yesterday.

I've had a slight problem with Caramel Bugles lately. Seriously. They are so freaking good. The salty/sweet combination basically just melts in your mouth. I had gotten into the habit when I was having a bad day to run to the store at lunch and indulge my habit. It was seriously getting out of control.

But yesterday...I did not go to the store. No Bugles for me. And, to top that, I did not buy a Diet Coke. This is BIG, as in HUGE! Me and Diet Coke have been partners in crime for some time. And although I've tried to break up with it several times, it just keeps coming back, haunting me.

So huge victory for me yesterday. No Bugles. No Diet Coke. I did drink 2 cups of coffee and then had nothing but water at work. I accidentally forgot my breakfast yesterday, but didn't indulge in anything from the vending machine. I managed not to starve to death before lunch, and just had what I brought: midget pickles, a low-fat mozzarella cheese stick, and a turkey sandwich. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

After work, I ran home and changed and drove to the track down the street from our house. I only had 25 minutes, but managed to walk 4 laps around the track before I had to leave and go get the kiddie-poos. I just wish I knew the measurement of the track so I would know how far I walked. It seems like it is longer than a quarter-mile track, but not really sure. I've been really tempted to see if I could fit my car in there to measure...hehe. But I probably shouldn't do that.

Got up this morning and down 1 pound. Not much, but not too shabby either. Only 9 more to go to meet my mini-goal of losing 10 pounds by December.

Supposed to meet my cousin and start C25K today. We'll see how that turns out.

Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm Back!

I'm back. Sorry for the prolonged absence. I've been crazy busy. But enough with excuses...I'm back!!!!


Still getting over a nasty sinus infection. But I'm not going to let it beat me.

Just finished up tech support for this last, lovely presidential election. Busy, busy. I give props to all of you who exercised your right to vote, it was the best voter turnout ever!

Still trying to buy a house. It is a short-sell, which will take time, so pray for me and my family. Pray that God's Will will be worked out either way on this one and that I will have patience with the process.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the veterans! THANK YOU for serving! THANK  YOU for giving your time and service. And THANK YOU to all the families of those who have and are serving. Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for our rights and religious freedoms and protecting our way of life!

I'm ready to lose this weight. I want to start running again. I'm actually getting antsy about it. I'm supposed to meet up with my cousin tomorrow to get started, but part of me is so excited that I kind of want to get started today. Maybe with just walking, but I'm already trying to work out the time needed in my head to see if I can actually fit it into my schedule today.

I'm TIRED of this weight.

I'm DISGUSTED at the person I see looking back at me in the mirror.

I'm SICK of my clothes not fitting and trying on 15 outfits to find one that doesn't make me feel like a cow everyday.

I REFUSE to buy any clothes in a bigger size.

I am WEARY of feeling like crap. Being out of breath when I climb a flight of stairs. Being tired all the time.


But I will persevere.

I WANT to feel good. When I look in the mirror. When I put on my clothes. When I run up the stairs.

I want to run. And be able to run. I want to be able to do more with my kids. I want to be a positive influence on my kids.

So why put off starting tomorrow what I can do today???

I don't think I will...

Still have the Color Vibe Run in the back of my mind....I really, really want to do it! I just don't know right now with our crazy schedules, the holidays and family visits, whether or not I will have the time or money. But I really want to try.

Regardless of whether I get to or not, I will start walking/jogging and start counting calories and drinking water. My new mini goal is to lose 10 lbs by December. I should be able to do that in 3 weeks. That's .52 lbs a day or roughly 3.33 lbs a week. I CAN DO THIS!!!!

Here's to a new start, a new day, a new week - all leading to a new ME!!!!