Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Small victory, more excuses...

I am down 3 lbs! That's a big "YAY ME!"

I'm not anywhere near where I need to be. But I think that this time I have a pretty good excuse, but still...it's an excuse.

I've been fighting a sinus infection (I'm thinking the plague) for two weeks now. I can NOT get rid of this crap. Well...one day last week, I wasn't feeling good, felt really light-headed, felt like my heart was racing, was really shaky feeling. I was struggling, big time. Then that afternoon, my right arm started going numb and I couldn't feel my last 2 fingers at all. A manager overheard me telling my officemate that I wasn't feeling good and that my arm just went numb, and I was promptly escorted into someone's car and on the way to the hospital. CT scan, EKG, and blood work, and still not 100% positive what is wrong with me other than I'm NOT having a heart attack and I did NOT have a stroke. Great!

Turns out the racing heart and shakiness was some Sudafed I took to try and breathe with this confounded sinus infection. And apparently I have a pinched nerve in my neck that is causing the numbness in my arm. So I'm completely off meds right now as a personal decision. My body needs to figure this out and fight it off. And I haven't been able to see my chiropractor yet, so my arm is still going numb periodically. He is booked up with the holiday and I can't get an appt.

Good news: I'm surviving and I'm fine. And even though I may want to stick a fire house up my nose to clean out my sinuses. And I haven't exercised, but I've lost. Because I've been watching what I eat. Little worried about Thursday and being able to NOT to gain all 3 lbs back and then some. We will probably end up having lunch at one place and dinner at another. The food possibilities are endless and SCARY to me. Even if I cave, I just have to remember...everything in moderation.

I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Mama Laughlin on her half marathon this past weekend! She is truly an inspiration. I just read her blog and have tears streaming down my face. She is AMAZING! Such an inspiration. To have an injury and push through like that...incredible. She is part of the reason, I finally started my journey of change. If she can push like that, then so can I.

Here's to all those who are on a journey of their own!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 


  1. Hey! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can read about it here:


    I found your blog on the list at MLFC Facebook group. Love to read!

    Samantha Griffin

  2. Cold meds make me jittery sometimes too! Hope you feel better soon!