Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weekend recap and the Tuesday Blues

Today is a very sad day.

I just lost my second mom, Linda. She basically adopted me into her family 8 years ago when I met her daughter and we quickly became friends. Her daughter Christina and I were super close, and tragically a little over a year ago, she decided to take her own life. Christina had developed a mental illness that made her fear getting in a car, or basically going anywhere at all. Through Christina's illness, I became really close with her family. I call both of her parents, Mom and Dad. Her mom mothers me, just like my own does. I just recently saw the whole family Easter weekend when my "brother" Robby got married. She told me that she wanted to come see our new house when we got it all unpacked. She was always so happy and smiling, and loved everyone dearly. Between losing both of them, I'm devastated. My heart aches. I hurt for the family too. In the last few years, they have lost Linda's father-in-law, Linda's mother (MeeMa), Christina, and now Mama too. I'm sure her husband Ronnie is devastated. They were still in love after 30 something years of marriage. They had the marriage that everyone hopes and dreams of on their wedding day. I can only pray that my husband and I will still be so in love 30 years from now.

I'm trying to stay busy and occupied so I don't think about it too much, so I'll catch you all up on the last little bit of my life since I haven't been posting like a good little blogger should.

I'm still tired. Apparently that's not changing. So needless to say...no unpacking has happened at my house. None. Living in madness. Still.

We did get to get out of town for the weekend. Joe's cousin got married in Birmingham, AL. I don't recall ever having been there. It was a nice little drive. Little hard on the pregger's back. But nothing I can't handle.

Here's a few shots from the wedding. Please excuse the quality, my phone stinks and my camera is lost amidst the mountain of boxes we have yet to go through.

The last one, as Joe's mom took it, Joe felt our little girl kick him for the first time. He teared up a little after this shot. It was really sweet and cute.

Then we saw this tractor being hauled on the way home. I think this is probably one of the funniest things I've seen on the road. Joe and I had some good laughs on this one!

Then my loving husband indulged his wife some more. I love waterfalls and although it was raining, he stopped at High Falls and helped me get some great pics!

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  1. So sorry for your loss :(

    Have you been checked for anemia? I was alwas anemic when I was pregnant which contributes to being so tired.