Friday, December 6, 2013

Catch up with Connie!

It's been like forever since I've even had a second to breath it feels like, much less update my blog.

Let me try to catch you up...

Summer pregnancy = miserable pregnant lady. And to top it off I had a pinched nerve or something and was constantly having to go to the chiropractor just to be able to sit up straight without severe pain. But I survived and made out like a bandit with a beautiful little ray of sunshine.


Got a sinus infection and some kind of congestion. The doc gave me some meds and sent me home to stay for a few days saying that he didn't want me delivering while sick. Well....that didn't work out. That same day my boss called me with several problems from work and after several hours of back and forth on the phone, I decided it would be easier just to go in and fix it myself. Got to work, got everything fixed, and was packing up some things from my office when my water broke. But I wasn't sure my water broke, thought maybe I just peed in my pants. So we went and got dinner and was just kind of piddling around at the house, when I stood up from sitting and enough water gushed that I knew for sure that something was going on. I didn't have any contractions though, so we packed some things and double checked that we had everything, called the parents, and slowly made our way to the hospital. When we got there around 10pm, I wasn't even dilated at all, so they started a Pitocin drip and said that it may be up to quite some time before anything started to happen. They did my epidural around 3am and said that things were still progressing slowly, so we sent our parents home to get some rest. At 7am, the nurse came in and said that she had a sneaky feeling and wanted to check me. She said that I was fully dilated and we would be pushing soon. I woke Joe up and called we called our parents. The team brought in all kinds of equipment and were running around frantically and at 7:11am, Genevieve was born. 7 lbs and 1 oz.


Such a beautiful angel! And with a full head of hair!


When she was 2 weeks old, she started throwing up every time she ate. She got really dehydrated and had to be hospitalized. She would projectile vomit and a few times got choked. To the point that I slept in the recliner with her on my chest, to make sure that she didn't choke and was breathing. Sleep became unknown to me. Then she developed colic or some tummy problems and began to scream or fuss all the time.


Several hospitalizations, multiple tests, and no one could figure out what was wrong. They did confirm that she had acid reflux, but I don't think anyone had truly been listening to me or understood exactly how much she was throwing up. Every doctor and specialist we went to didn't know what to do for her. All they kept telling me was that it would hopefully get better with time. Time is not the answer you want to hear when you have a sick baby. They also tested for all kinds of food allergies and took her off breast milk. I think we're on our 7th formula now.


I was only supposed to have a 6 week maternity leave. But Genevieve wasn't getting any better. And my job was being super-duper cool and gave me some more time. I attempted to go back to work on October 28th. But things just didn't work out that way. My husband got a stomach virus on Halloween. He gave it to me. I had to call in my mom to come help with Genevieve because as sick as she had been, I didn't need her any sicker. Then our son, Joseph got it. Then Genevieve. She got so dehydrated, it put her back in the hospital again. While we were in the ER being admitted to the hospital, I got an email from the owner of my company stating that she had heard that Genevieve had been sick and not to worry about my job, that they wanted me to come back, but only after she was well. She had no idea we were getting admitted to the hospital again. I just sat there and cried, now I could quit worrying about getting back to work and worry about Genevieve and her health. While in the hospital, she got some kind of congested and started sounding like a peculating coffee machine when she breathed.


We were still at home. Still congested. Trying everything to make it better. Her doctor didn't want to give her any antibiotics for it because she'd already had a round of antibiotics during one hospital stay and she wasn't running a fever. So we'd sit in the hot shower for as long as we had hot water, and we'd use a humidifier. Then, since she wasn't getting any better, I started using a vaporizer at night while she slept. Then started saline nose drops and got a electric aspirator. By Thanksgiving week, she was a little better and hadn't thrown up in days. So I started trying to get her sleeping through the night and started keeping a really strict schedule in hopes that I could start back to work soon. We were able to go to Joe's dad's house for Thanksgiving and stay to do our annual cane grinding and cooking of cane syrup. Which was pretty awesome. We really hadn't been out of the house much except to go to doctor's visits and the hospital.


Since we were on a roll with leaving the house, I requested that we get our Christmas pictures done with Santa.

I think they turned out pretty good.

Monday, I started back to work. Genevieve seems to be adjusted to daycare pretty well and I'm trying to get caught up at work.

Things are looking up.

I've been truly blessed...Have a wonderful husband. We had a new little angel in addition to our already wonderful family. Things couldn't be better.

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