Monday, September 17, 2012

Mundane Monday

I suck. Seriously.

Last week on Monday, I did W1D1 of C25K and then did 30DS. Tuesday had problems getting up from the toilet, my legs hurt so bad. I apparently am so far out of shape that I almost killed myself overdoing it. It was Friday before I could get up from a seated position without screaming in my head.

My little angel got sick Tuesday and got sent home with a fever. Hooked her up with some Tylenol and she seemed fine the rest of the night. Lunch time Wednesday, got sent home again. This time with a warning from the school nurse that she was not allowed to come back to school until she was 24 hours fever free. So there went going to school Thursday. So Thursday, I took her to doctor. He said that she either had a cold or virus, but either way just had to run it's course - no meds. But still couldn't break her fever. So there goes Friday. No school for her and no work for me.

Needless to say. I ate like crap. And Monday was the only exercise I got in. But I had to work my second job this weekend and honestly didn't have a whole lot of time to eat. And it was so late when I got home last night, I didn't need to eat supper, so I opted for a protein shake instead. Somehow miraculously, I am down in weight for the first time in weeks on a Monday. WOOOOHOOOOO! That is awesome! And I'm actually down some of the weight I initially gained back instead of losing when I started on this journey. Finally!

Now if I can just keep up this momentum...

Joe packed me an awesome lunch! Breakfast - Nature Vally Oat N Honey Bar and a Banana. Snacks - Low Fat String Cheese Stick, Raw Baby Carrots, and some Baby Pickles. Lunch - Turkey Sandwich! Y'all, I have an amazing husband, for reals. I have to be at work at 7 and him at 8. So he gets up and fixes my lunch and gets the kids all ready and takes them to school. How AWESOME is that! I'm so in love. We are truly partners and help each other out. I am so blessed! Don't get me wrong, I'd be lying if I said we don't have our "moments", but for the most part it's all good.

So if I can drink my water and eat a sensible dinner, I should be right on track! Only thing standing in my way is me. Hope that heifer will get out of my way. Might need to push her down!

Y'all have a great week! 

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