Friday, February 15, 2013

Fabulous Friday

We're almost to the weekend again!


It's been a wonderful week!

 - Monday, we got to see our little nugget on an ultrasound and hear the heartbeat and get a due date. It was also our one year wedding anniversary. My husband had gotten me really beautiful flowers and we thawed out our wedding cake.
 - Tuesday, I had to work late and the hubs had a load of clothes washing and dinner cooked by the time I got home.
 - Wednesday, I had a wonderful meeting with my women's group from church. A woman came to speak about the art of forgiveness. It was amazing!
 - And yesterday, my husband brought home Chinese food, had me a card and lots of chocolate. I had gotten him the movie "The Lucky One". (I am the luckiest girl ever because my man loves to watch the good movies with me, especially the romantic ones!) So we had Chinese and watched a movie. Awesome night!

And tonight we have a gift card to Carrabba's. So we are going out to dinner for Valentine's. Can't wait!

I know it doesn't sound like from all the food mentioned above, but I really have been trying to watch what I eat and not gain a lot of weight with this pregnancy. I've read that you should only increase your caloric intake by 300 calories a day. That's not a whole lot actually. And I've also read that at my current weight that I should try to only gain 10 lbs. That isn't much either. So I've painstakingly been trying to keep the weight down. I've been gaining and losing the same 5 lbs since we found out we are pregnant. But this morning I when I weighed I was over by a pound. I know it was all the Valentine's stuff, but still. I gotta watch it. Cupcakes and chocolate feel so good in the moment, but the scale never lies....IT KNOWS!!!

I've got to start walking again. It will help me keep the weight gain down, keep me feeling good, help my heart, and help me sleep. We had started walking every day, but then it got cold again. Hopefully the weather will start improving. I need to get out there.

I've lost a few readers lately. And that's okay. I started out my blog as mainly a way to keep myself accountable to all the changes I wanted to make in my life. And the main ones were losing weight, exercising, and eating healthier. And with getting pregnant, I've let that take the back burner a little. But this all about my journey...and I can promise you, I'm still a work in progress. Just can't exactly get all crazy about running and working out right now. But you can bet your sweet mama when I pop this babe out, I am on it. I want to feel better about myself. And for me, that's going to mean losing some weight. Right now, I'm just in a place where I have to take it a little slower with exercise and watch what I eat and maintaining my current weight. It's all about me and my journey.


Everyone have a great weekend!!!

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