Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wonderous Wednesday!

I know I'm way behind on posting. Been a crazy few weeks.

I have been having heart palpitations and been extremely tired and when I went to my first baby appointment the P.A. noticed an irregular heartbeat. So I have to go to the heart doctor twice. Once for an EKG and initial consultation and another time for an echo-cardiogram. Just got the results back yesterday and everything is normal. Whew! The doctor said that a woman when pregnant pumps 25% more blood through her body to compensate for the baby. Didn't know that. That's a lot. He also told me that I was too old to be pregnant. Wow! Thanks crazy guy. I'm 35. My grandmother was in her late 40s when she gave birth to my dad. I'm NOT too old. That's just craziness and rude.

Today we went for the first trimester test. They measure the skin on the neck of the baby to determine whether or not there are indications of down syndrome. Everything measured all good. So no indications of down syndrome. They also have a new test they started last year to take the place of amniocentesis, call Materniti21. It does all the chromosome tests and genetic stuff, but instead of having to draw amniotic fluid and poking a hole in the sac, they can run tests on my blood and tell with 92-99% accuracy depending on the test. How cool! So no risk for the baby and more accuracy than amnio. Awesome! I'm down. Also, because they are looking at the baby's chromosomes, they can determine the sex early. I'll know what the baby is in 10 business days instead of having to wait until April 29th for the 20 weeks sonogram. YAY! I'm so excited.

Here's our little nugget:

Look at that face! So beautiful! They tried to do the 4D, but she said that at 12 weeks the baby was so tiny it was hard to get a good picture in 4D. But the baby was kicking and squirming and touching it's face. It was so beautiful! And so weird to see so much movement and not feel anything yet. But I know it's coming. That's an active little critter in there.

I'm doing good about not eating everything in sight, although I want to. I've actually managed to lose 2 lbs since I've found out I'm pregnant. Can't tell from my clothes though. There is a belly protruding for sure. With me already being overweight, I've read that I should try to only gain 10 lbs. And everything I've read says to only increase your caloric intake by 300 calories for the baby. That actually isn't a whole lot of calories. If you eat an oatmeal Debbie cake, there's your 300 calories. LOL.

So....we're closing on our new house Friday! So excited and nervous at the same time. Ready to get moving over with though. I've been trying to go ahead and pack everything up, but it's not looking good. We've only managed to get half the house packed up. We're actually not moving until the 16th, but I'm still so tired. I don't see me getting it done without help. We are hoping to use the next week to get the new house cleaned up and painted before we move the next weekend. I'm hoping maybe that some of the guys from my husband's mens group will volunteer to help us Sunday, since we all go to church together on Saturdays. But I also feel like that might be a little much, since his mens group will be the one's moving us the next weekend. But we'll see how it all works out. God is wonderful and he has a way of working these things out.

So good news all the way around! Just got to get the papers signed on the house and get to moving. I'm in good health and the baby is all good. Can't wait to get the test results back though! So excited! 

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