Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 1

So, I survived the first day. My husband has been AMAZING. I called and told him about my blog and the changes I've decided to make, and he made me stick to it. Twice I changed my mind about walking after dinner last night, but he kind of didn't give me a choice, which was exactly what I needed.

So here's what I accomplished yesterday:

1. Smoking - I smoked way less than I normally do and had serious discussions about quitting very, very soon.
2. Weight - I watched how much I ate, and drank lots of water and threw in a little exercise.
3. Sleep more - We still need some serious work in this dept. I went to bed at 12 am and got up at 5:45am. Which is about an hour and 45 minutes longer than our average, but I seriously need to work on getting 7 hours of sleep at least every night. 8 would be even more awesome. 
4. Caffeine - I only had 1 can diet coke. Which I totally think is waaaay awesome considering diet coke was the only thing I was drinking at all until recently. I drank probably close to a gallon of water.
5. Eating Healthier - I watched my calorie intake and ate fairly healthy. I did indulge in some chips, but it is the first day.
6. Exercise - My husband, daughter, and I walked 2 laps at the track after dinner.
7. Kids - We took my daughter with us to the track last night to walk with us. I'm thinking exercise, being outside and away from the tv isn't such a bad start.
8. Cursing - I did let a bad word slip out yesterday and for this I feel absolutely horrible. This is an area I strongly need to work on.
9. Organizing - I didn't really get to work on this one yesterday, but my wonderful husband did. He helped fold and do laundry, and helped straighten up our laundry room while he was in there. Go Joe! You are amazing! Thank you so much. My goal for today is to clean out my car if I get home early enough, I have to work late. And the goal for the week is to finishing unpacking our office and take a load of things to donate to the local Christian store.
10. Being a better Christian - I read several verses of the Bible yesterday on my phone with my Daily Bible app. This is nowhere near where I should be, but I think that I made an effort in the right direction, so I'm proud of myself today. My husband I both in the last couple of weeks have started listening only to Christian music. We have started visiting a church in our area and have signed up to get some information about joining a small bible study group and to get more information about how to serve through the church. And we have started reading bible stories and devotionals to our kids before prayers every night, which also contributes to some discussion time with our kids and some very good family time.

All in all, I feel pretty good about Day 1. I know I have quite a road ahead of me, but it's all about the journey, right? So for now, I trudge along through Day 2. I'm feeling pretty awesome about everything. Change is hard. Lifestyle changes are even harder, especially when you decide to change several things at once. But I decided to just go for it. Drinking water and eating healthier and exercising, all contribute to losing weight. And I decided to try to lose weight while quitting to smoke on purpose. Most people that quit smoking, gain around 10-15 lbs because everything tastes way better and putting food into your mouth feeds the hand-to-mouth habit. But all these changes together will provide for a HAPPIER, healthier, and much more fulfilling life. So go Connie! Yay me!

P.S. I know you're not supposed to weigh everyday and I'm going to have to start only weighing once a week, but I lost 2 lbs!!! Woohoo! Super cool. I'm going to try and not concentrate on the number, but concentrate on how my clothes fit and my size, but 2 lbs ain't too shabby for Day 1.

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