Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 2

Whew! What a day! I ended up working very late yesterday out of town, so I didn't get to work on a whole lot, but I still think I did pretty good.

1. Smoking - Still smoking less, even though I was in the car for over 4 hours yesterday, which is the hardest time for me not to smoke. I think I chewed about 6 pieces of gum yesterday in the car. But hey, I'm making progress.
2. Weight - I ate very good yesterday and drank tons of water. Lost 1.4 lbs. Awesome. I still need to work on not weighing every day...
3. Sleep more - My husband pointed out yesterday that I did get more sleep on Day 1 because I took a 2 hour nap. And last night I got 6 hours. So we are making progress. Don't feel like I'm going to pass out at my desk, so that is a good sign.
4. Caffeine - I'm kicking this one's butt. I had a can of Diet Coke and nothing but more water, water, and water. I'm hoping to soon cut out the one can. I'm trying to wait a little longer each day and until I feel the headache coming before I give in and indulge in my little bit of caffeine.
5. Eat Healthier - I'm doing great here so far. I had to get gas at the convenience store yesterday and so had the munchies. My 2 weaknesses are chocolate and chips, which just happen to be on full display at convenience stores, calling my name. But I held strong and grabbed a bag of pistachio nuts. Then later on while I was traveling for my other job, I was starving. I mean, like dying, literally. And the only place to stop was McDonald's. But I was good, very good. I got a salad and 2 bottles of water.
6. Exercise - Didn't get home until late, so I really didn't to work on this one, but I'm going to get back at today. Also, my mom has offered me her old treadmill which I think will be very beneficial to me, so I did call her and try to figure out if it would fit in my tiny SUV so I could somehow get it home.
7. Kids - I had to work so late, that I got home just before it was bedtime. But my wonderful husband had taken Daysia to get her school supplies and she was so excited, she had to pull everything out and show me what she got. And then we read a little devotional and said prayers and talked for a few minutes before it was time to go to sleep.
8. Cursing - I didn't curse yesterday. Yay! Now I just got to keep it up.
9. Organizing - I didn't get to completely clean out my car like I wanted to because I got home after dark, but I did take a stab at it. And I'm trying to gear myself up for unpacking and organizing our office before school starts. And we've started compiling a load of things to be donated. We have several bags and a few boxes. Awesome!
10. Being a better Christian - Still trudging away. I read a little bit of the Bible, and I totally rocked to nothing but Christian music on my 4 hour drive. Got a few emails pertaining to small groups with our church. Hopefully, my husband and I can find a small group soon. I'm really getting excited about that.

All in all, I think I did pretty good. Especially resisting temptation while in the convenience store and at McDonald's. Who doesn't love McDonald's FF? They are SOOO hard to resist. I think I'm doing really awesome with the water too and I hate, hate, hate water. But it's my body needs and it's good for me. Hopefully, I'll learn to like it.

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