Thursday, August 16, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday! (A little late)

Not liking the results today. 1 lb. down. I have really been eating bad though and working 18 hour days and no exercise. And my monthly visitor is here, so 1 lb down, I guess is not so bad. After next Tuesday, my life will return to normal and I can kick it into high gear. I actually can't wait. I'm ready to get in this and kick some fat's booty. I still want to reach my goal of getting under 200 by the end of September so I'm going to have to work really hard, but man that would be so awesome!

I'm kicking smoking's butt though. Even though I haven't fully quit, I've cut down. And I'm finally so sick of it, I'll be completely done soon. Hopefully by the end of next week. I've been chewing the heck out of some gum.

I need sleep. This is the one I need to work on the most right now. Of course it's impossible to sleep 8 hours when you are working the hours I have been, but I'm moving this one up my list of priorities. Today, I'm a zombie. And I'm pretty worthless. I'm running on auto-pilot, just praying that no one asks me anything that requires me to think too hard...

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